Jesus' Meal

Each week one of the most meaningful things we do is eat "Jesus' Meal". You might know it by other names such as Communion, Eucharist, Lord's Supper, or the Holy Meal. If you want to encounter Jesus in a special way, then feel free to participate.


The Confusing Part

Jesus' Meal can be a little confusing, especially to our guests. After all, it isn't really a meal, so much as a piece of bread dipped in wine. Also, even though there is a table, we don't actually sit around it. Instead, the meal is served to you by hand and enjoyed as a group.

The awesome part

No matter what you call it, Jesus' Meal is a practice that Christians honor all over the world, and have for over 2,000 years! Jesus' Meal reminds us that he accomplished everything needed for our salvation. Our part is to believe it is true, and follow his example of unconditional and undeserved love toward all. We also believe that as we receive this meal, it is an act of faith and a sign of our hearts being open to God's loving mercy and grace. We have seen God bring life changing forgiveness, healing, and freedom to those who trust in him.



open to everyone...including you.

We welcome anyone to participate. Jesus invites everyone to his table to eat the same food and drink, regardless of what they earn, where they are from, who they happen to love, or what color their skin is. If you are breathing, then there is room for you at Jesus' table - where you will find equality, dignity, and fairness that is too often absent in our daily lives.

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