Where we've Been

Founded in 1892, Trinity has been in the Dayton area - worshipping God and serving our neighbors for more the 125 years! The world has been through many changes over the years and so have we. What always remains the same is God's incredible love and faithfulness toward all people as displayed in Jesus.

Where we're Going

Each week as we worship, God is gathering people together who are passionate about creating a better way of being a "church." We are down-to-earth faith community with people from all walks of life, following Jesus into today's world. Whether you were raised going to church, hadn't participated in a church for years, or are curious about Jesus for the first time, Trinity is committed to being a safe and accepting community where anyone can explore what knowing and following Jesus means for them. We keep following Jesus simple and practical:


Worship Regularly

We all have things that come up and keep us from being at church some weeks. Still, participating regularly is important, even if it is only every other week.