Ways We Grow

We try to keep things simple and spiritual growth is no exception. In addition to attending worship regularly, we believe spiritual growth happens when we have a balanced diet of Praying, Learning, Sharing, and Connecting.



Jesus prayed... a lot (Matt 14:23, 26:36; Mk 1:35; 6:46; Lk 5:16; 6:12, 9:18; 22:32; Jn 17:9) and is still praying for us (Rom 8:34). By himself , with a group, or one-on-one with someone who was suffering, Jesus prayed like it was his job and, in a way, it was. Now, as his followers it's also our job. Trinity offers prayer partners to pray with, people who want to be prayed for, and even a prayer mentor who can teach you the basics and practice with you a bit so you buildup your confidence. 



The Bible mentions that even Jesus learned and grew with the help of teachers! (Lk 2:46-52) Besides weekly worship, there are several opportunities for adults and kids to learn about God, the Bible, prayer, and more. (John 15:7; Rom 12:1-2)



The love that Jesus demonstrated is one that is willing to sacrifice for the sake of others, even an enemy. For us following Jesus is about demonstrating that kind of extraordinary love by sharing our time, effort, and money with people in need. Check out our favorite ways to get involved. (Matt. 20:28; 25:35-40; John 13: 12-14; Acts 20:35)



Jesus loved to hangout with people and have fun, especially over a meal. He knew life is about friendship and that really connecting with someone doesn't happen by accident or in a single day. Whether some of us are meeting to watch a game, try a new restaurant, or vent after a bad day, we are intentional about connecting meaningfully with one another. (Matt 9:10-13; Mk 2:15-17; 14:3; Lk 5:29-32; 7:36; 11:37-54; 14:1-24; 19:1-10, 24:30; Jn 12:1-2; 21:4-12)